Damar International is a distributor of the range of laser and micropoint marking systems from Italian manufacturer Berma Macchine.

Berma have been manufacturing marking equipment for nearly 40 years and during this time have built a great reputation for an extensive high-quality range catering for all aspects of product marking and identification.

Their machines are ideal for permanent marking of not only hard metals such as carbides, hardened steel, and titanium alloys but also softer materials such as aluminium and plastics, ensuring that all kinds of bespoke machinery can be appropriately identified.

The FBL industrial laser marking system can be supplied as a bench-top marking station (laser class 1 safety) or as a modular unit integrated into other plant or production lines (laser class 4 safety). This system utilizes a galvanometer scan-head coupled with a pulsed Ytterbium fibre laser source with a versatility to ensure extremely fast marking with high accuracy.

The MB4 is a micropoint dot peen marking system with a carbide stylus running very close points to form continuous or dotted lines to suit. This system allows markings on uneven surfaces with a fully adjustable marking depth so alphanumeric text or logos or images can be formed. Options are bench-top marking station, portable with gun grip or modular for integration in other plant or production lines.

The Dotlite is a simple dot peen marking system with electric drive carbide stylus available as either bench-top or portable gun versions yet still offering high speed marking with the same robust, reliable and economical features.

When it comes to the need for marking on organic materials such as plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, glass, leather or even rubber there is the option of the CO2 laser marking system with marking speed up to 600 mm/sec with equal precision and versatility.

If you have any product in need of marking and identification - whatever the material, the size or the shape - there will be a solution from Berma’s custom-made special machines engineered to meet the widest possible customer requirement.

We can supply you with bespoke machinery, hand tools and workshop equipment for all sections of industry.

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